It’s been a long time!


I haven’t posted in forever!  I guess sometimes life just happens that way.  Anyway, I just wanted to post a brief update of a few things, and hopefully soon I’ll get on the wagon and post regularly.

First of all, I am pregnant again!  It was quite a surprise to us all, but after the shock wears off you realize what a wonderful blessing it is!  I’m not going to find out what I’m having, so don’t ask!! LOL.  My due date is 1.14.2013.  So far, i’m having trouble finding a midwifery practice, not because of the midwives themselves, but because the OB’s that they inevitable work under seem to all insist that even though the ACOG says that a woman who has had two sections with low transverse incisions is still a candidate for a VBAC, they don’t want to “let” me try.  Even though I’ve ALSO had a successful vaginal birth with Max, AFTER both sections.  At this point, I REALLY don’t see the need for another section, since I’ve proved that I can labor and deliver successfully the way nature intended- not to mention the fact that i’ll still h ave small kids to care for at home.  I have one more midwife to interview before I make my decision.  I wasn’t planning on having another HB this time, but I’ll consider it if I’m left with no other option to the section.

Maisy lost her first tooth today!  Yes, she’s only four- she won’t be 5 until November.  It’s pretty early for tooth loss, but you can see the new one already poking out.  Another tooth is on it’s way out as well, probably by her birthday, says the dentist.  We’ll see.

Monae has been very mysteriously ill, with abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting for almost two weeks now.  Every single test for anything has come back normal.  She was tentatively diagnosed with abdominal migraines, but if that’s correct, then they are not responding to treatment.  She’s currently taking meds 3x/ day, every day, and they’re not working 100%.  The only reason I post all those details is if anyone has any clue of what could possibly be wrong with her, please drop a note my way.  We are literally at our wits end; the next steps are a GI specialist and hospital admission, because her pediatrician has literally run out of ideas as to what could be wrong.  Please pray for her; she’s miserable for most of the day.

Anyhoo, I have two little ones still up, and one harassing me about a tooth under a pillow, so I’ll call it quits here.  Hopefully, I’ll be back on again soo.  Until then, be blessed!


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